Vagrant Too many open files – getcwd

My rule-of-thumb approach to issues in terminal is to kill the process, quit terminal and restart my MAC. If that fails, I call an exorcist and retire to a safe distance and assume the recovery position. Recently I've occasionally been getting the following error when running "vagrant up": vagrant /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/gems/vagrant-1.9.2/lib/vagrant/util/safe_chdir.rb:25:in `chdir': Too many open files … Continue reading Vagrant Too many open files – getcwd

Repairing a Variable VVV Install

I don’t know what I am from a development point of view. I started out as a front-end developer, but one that had the design skills akin to Donald Trump’s abilities in the art of tact, wit and diplomacy. I quickly left the design to other people and developed a vast array of IE6 hacks … Continue reading Repairing a Variable VVV Install